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4D Geo Limited - beginning a development

What is your risk profile? Ground conditions are often the greatest area of uncertainty in a development project. Can you assess ground risk properly, and quantify it? 

Business needs robustness and resilience in all aspects, especially where greatest risk can be invisible. 

The ground may be a known constraint from a pre-purchase check list - poor drainage, lack of discharge, geohazards, clay shrinkage, trees, dissolution features, mineral extractions, mining, previous industrial land uses. 

Please contact us when you need a ground investigation because we can help select the right consultant/contractor to fit your risk profile with realistic expectations and a competent scope.  

Most of our work is desk-based and an opinion can be formed very quickly by understanding client priorities, existing reports, internet research and possibly a site visit for walkover. 

Already got a report?

Has anything been missed? Does it make sense? 

We can check compliance and competence of the report, and whether you need supplementary investigation pre-planning or pre-commencment. 

Ready to start on site?

Let us support your planning, design and civil engineering prior to construction. 

Discovered a ground problem?

Ground is uncertain and sometimes variation happens when your in groundworks, maybe we can fix it with you. 

Need a second opinion?

Does something not quite add up? Looks much more expensive than you thought? Let us have a look for you.