Independent Geo-environmental Consulting

Supporting construction & development in the ground


Get best value from the ground conditions for developers and contractors - we don't sell boreholes

Does your team know what they need from a ground investigation? Different suppliers bid for work in different formats and have different reporting standards. Is a report any good - and what does it all mean? 

We already know a lot about our local ground, there is information available from many sources. Maybe you dont need a ground investigation yet, just some comfort what the land is like for a property transaction. 

4D Geo can help;

  • bespoke PRA desk study reports

  • have an independent ground investigation scope before tender - compare like for like 

  • check reports for compliance and competence then get more benefit per £. 

  • adapt your development/planning/groundworks strategy using the information.  

Our experience in housing and commercial development

30 years working with engineering boreholes, trial pits, laboratory testing, field testing - CPT/SPT/DPT/PLT, soakaways.  

Contamination, ground gas, planning, NHBC.  

Waste management, permits and exemptions.   

Network into many local suppliers.  


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